Bring stability to an adult’s life 
Cincinnati, OH

Connect one-on-one with adults pursuing educational, career, and life goals which aim to create long term stability in their lives.

Sessions may be used to enhance the following skills or further explore the following topics: basic math, grammar/writing, essay composition, cost-benefit analysis, basic computer literacy, Internet research, problem solving, customer service, resumes, interviewing, job applications, goal setting, life discussion/philosophy/ethics, budgeting, study skills, time management, patience, cooperation, GED preparation, and connection to other social service providers.

The way in which these skills are taught can vary – you’ll have the opportunity to infuse your passions and creativity! Each Trainee has different needs so the “lesson planning” is half of the fun.
Hands on tutoring in the kitchen is also an option! Trainees are encouraged to learn kitchen vocabulary and kitchen math… if you’re skilled or willing to learn with them, we’d love to hear from you!

We ask that each person commit to coming in to tutor once a week (or bi-weekly) for about two hours. Each sessions lasts for 45 minutes and we ask that you connect with at least two Trainees. We’re especially looking for someone available on Mondays at 7pm (weekly or bi-weekly).

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