Power Inspires Progress

  • is on-the-job training in a real business
  • targets inner city residents
  • provides help in overcoming obstacles in seeking and keeping employment
  • connects employers and work-ready employees

PIP Graduates have participated in a year long employment and education program to learn work skills such as timeliness, initiative, teamwork, problem solving, courtesy, responsibility and honesty.Job skills taught here include: Customer service, cash register/cash management, inventory, food preparation- prep and line cooking, inventory, sanitation, cleaning.

Many of our trainees have additional skills such as computer and data entry, commercial driving, technical training, high school/GED and/or college education.

Trainees seek employment in a number of diverse fields such as manufacturing and production, construction, the culinary arts, childcare, eldercare, nursing, custodial and janitorial, … etc.

PIP Graduates want to work – and they know how. When we make a referral to you, we are seeking a good fit for lasting long-term meaningful employment at a living wage.

If you are an employer seeking referrals for job openings, please click here to email us at Power inspires Progress.