Who do we serve? What do we do?
PIP trainees are people who face barriers to employment. PIP provides paid training in a supportive work environment with high expectations and varied experience. PIP empowers trainees to further their education, providing instruction in basic life skills and paid job-training.

PIP serves the community through its investment in business in the heart of the neighborhood and by providing learning opportunities for students and volunteers.

PIP serves employers through our job referral and internship programs. We offer pre-screening, assisted supervision, job contracting and a number of other services to make the fit for a long-lasting positive work relationship.

Board Members
Tony Blankemeyer
Aggie Brackmann
Tim Bruno
A.J. Eaves
Cat Eaves
Jenny Harms
Sidney Lieberman
Allyson Lilburn
Dan Pfahl
Ellie Rung Bridges
Melissa Shaver

Andy Thomas

Tamara Thrasher

Financial Information
If you would like to receive a copy of our 990, Annual Budget, or other public information please contact our Executive Director, Mark Shannon at mshannon@powerinspiresprogress.com.